Portable Ratcheting Skate Tool

Portable Ratcheting Skate Tool

Hi, guys! Cool updates in skateboarding: We've finally released the wonder skateboarding tool.

Darkside Skate Tool

Two words about the new device. It has all the functionality that skateboarders need, but the main feature is that it folds into a compact, portable version so you can easily carry it in your pocket. Also this tool has a ratchet and a stunning cool look to match the Heady Shake style. The body is plastic, it is pleasant to hold it in the hand, there is a magnet to hold the screwdriver, this adds a feeling of premium and quality components.

With this tool, we launch our new color palette called "Rockstar". Unlike the "Jackpot" style, it is dominated by gold and the two styles are interchangeable. You can now collect a more complete collection of Heady Shake products.

Roskstar Skate Tool

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