Bundle Skateboard Bearings Jackpot and Speed Oil

Bundle Skateboard Bearings Jackpot and Speed Oil

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Professional Skateboard Bearings 608RS / 8-pack / Jackpot Mode

Get a smoother, faster, more efficient ride out your skates, boards, and scooters with Heady Shake professional skate bearings.

Are you looking for the fastest, more reliable skateboard bearings on the market? Looking to burn up the road or the skate park with consistency? Then you need Heady Shake Professional Skate Bearings that are lighter and stronger than steel, but made with premium-grade titanium. Better yet, they match your boards and gear with stylish flair that can’t be beat!

Strong, Reliable Precision

These versatile skate bearings are pre-lubricated to ensure a smooth rolling design, work efficiently with a wide range of skate products, and instantly give you more stability, control and reliability than standard bearings. And while they’re also sleek and easy to install, they’re easy to clean thanks to a non-contact removable rubber shield that causes less friction.

Product Details:

  • 608 RS Skate Bearings (8-Piece Set)
  • Top Precision - ABEC-9 Rating
  • Special Design for Extreme Loads
  • High-Quality Titanium
  • Retainer: Double Strengthened Nylon
  • Shield: Rubber, Single Side Sealed
  • Pre-Lubricated with Speed Oil
  • Super-Fast Design
  • Includes 8 Precision Bearings with 4 Skateboard Spacers (and Waterproof Sticker)
  • Speed washers are built into the design
  • Compatible with all kinds of boards: Skateboard, Longboard, Cruisers, Inline Skates, Roller Skates, Kick Scooter etc.


Heady Shake Bearing Oil "Speed Mode"

Experience a Smoother, Faster Ride with Low-Viscosity Skate Bearing Oil from Heady Shake!

When you want to get the most out of your skateboard, longboard, or in-line rollerblades, it starts with ensuring the bearings spin faster and more efficiently without drying out, freezing, or locking up. That’s why we developed Heady Shake Bearing Oil "Speed Mode", a premier bearing lubricant that creates smoother, faster results while protecting your bearings with every skate, jump, or move.

Product Details:

  • Heady Shake Bearing Oil (Speed Mode)
  • Low Viscosity Blend
  • Speed and Wear Protection
  • Safe for All Skate Bearings
  • Volume: 1/2 fluid oz / 15 ml

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