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We are the first who makes skateboarding so as it should be:

Bold, Rad, Extreme, Sexy, Posh, Top-Grade, Innovative

Advanced Innovative Technologies

Premium Skateboard Products

Heady Shake implements all modern developments and achievements in the production process of each of our products. In addition, we hear our customers and take into account the wishes for the new products.

Darkside & Jackpot Mode

Through our main products passes a line of opposing styles. The first style is DARKSIDE, for those who prefer austerity, secrecy and underground lifestyle. The second is JACKPOT, for those who love brightness, singularity and attention.

Your Heady Action

Send us your photo or video where you use our products or pose with them, the best content will be published in this block, as well as on our social networks: Instagram, Youtube, Facebook and others.

Our SuperPowers

We give you love that you will stay with for life. Heady Shake is not a business project, this is an idea, this is what you expect from skateboarding and this is what you live for, these are your thoughts and desires, embodied in impeccable service and product lines. Our products are designed for the most discerning customers who demand the very best that life has to offer.

Dive to Style

We carry the idea of an impeccably bold, posh, sexy and daring style that will maximize your self-expression.

Unmatched Design

Forget boring freak designs. Every atom of our every product is perfect, and created by the god of skateboarding.

Top-Grade Innovations

Unbeatable quality, blazing speeds, ultra smooth and absolute precision. All this awaits you in our unique premium collection designs.

Pros with Us

Amateurs, professionals, world champions, adults and children, and even scientists choose Heady Shake for their high-tech machines.

Guaranteed Satisfaction

We provide a full guaranty on all our products. Have any defects? Just contact us and we will create a miracle for you. We’ll refund your money 100% if you aren’t completely happy.

Amazing Support 25/8

Our support is always on your side. And even if you are against us, we will still be on your side. We are here to solve your problems whatever the cost.

Hugs For Everyone

Skateboarding as it is

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