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Heady Shake

Rad Wheels

Rad Wheels

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Skateboard Wheels 52mm 99a Rad Mode / 4-Pack / Darkside or Jackpot Mode

What's Included:

- 4 Skateboard Wheels
- Waterproof Colored Demon Sticker

* Bearings not included

Skate, Jump, and Grind Like a Pro with Heady Shake Rad Mode Skateboard Wheels

  • ULTRA-FAST, SUPER SMOOTH – The best wheel for beginner, pro, and trick focused skateboarders, these skateboard wheels help you go faster, further, and harder than ever before to help you achieve complex turnovers or deep slides with ease.
  • RAD MODE WHEEL SHAPE – A classic 52mm thickness enhanced by Heady Shake skate professionals, 99A skateboarding wheels are made for extreme rides and bold tricks and won’t let you down when going hard at the park, in the pipe, or on the road.
  • STAND APART FROM COMPETITION – Our brilliant color options and epic wheel design means your board not only looks better than theirs, but you’ll be able to pull off big air, land a kickflip or pull off a gnarly Casper slide on your way to becoming a ripper.
  • ALL-PURPOSE SKATING USE – From halfpipes to grinding park benches to spending the day skating the park by the beach, these RAD 52mm 99a wheels suit every skate style, including vert skating, freestyle, street, and long boarding.
  • TRUSTED HEADY SHAKE QUALITY – Like our trucks, bearings, stickers, and other skate accessories, our wheels are backed by unbeatable quality, durability, and long-lasting resilience for ride quality you can count on, no matter where the ride may lead.

The wheels on your skateboard make all the difference in your ride, especially when it comes to landing jumps, grinding edges, and enjoying a fast, smooth ride out there on the road. That’s why you need wheels designed by rippers for rippers. We want you to set the standard for the next generation of skaters with wheels that support every insane idea, crazy trick, and breathtaking move. Don’t be a snake at the park; choose Heady Shake wheels for your skateboard and make the smart move.

Product Details:

  • Rad Mode Wheels (4-Pack) (without bearings)
  • Wheel Size: 52mm x 32mm
  • Contact Patch: 16mm
  • Hardness (Durometer): 99a
  • Near Universal Board Fit
  • Easy Installation
  • Includes Skate Sticker
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