About Us

Skateboarding as it is

You take your old thrashed skateboard. The shabby grip tape is torn out, there is no flat place on the board, the wheels are erased to zero, the bearings are tightly clogged with dirt. And all that you do to revive your board - you change your rusted nuts with the same old but golden color and attach two new stickers. Done. Time to hang out at the skate park. No matter what your possibilities are, you will always find a way to express yourself and demonstrate your style.

We bring the concept of Fashionable Skateboarding to a new level

Your best friends are cops from the local department. Every time they gladly lend you their car to practice new tricks. They love to spend time with you together, so they always chase you wherever you are in skateboarding. Sometimes they jokingly call you a badass, but we know that they always welcome your company.

To be a bit badass is natural for each of us, let's not seem like an angel

You go downhill at top speed on a longboard, there is a sharp turn ahead and you are grouping for a spectacular maneuver. But suddenly you notice a beautiful sexy chick. Damn it. You have to choose. Instead of entering a turnaround, you decide to demonstrate your best bodybuilding pose to her. Fortunately, you had time to shout her "Hello, my love!" before ramming a parked car with your body. But it's done, she's yours, and you just got off a broken-bones.

Skateboarding is always sexy. We want to highlight this beauty

This is the final of the international skateboarding contest. You just made a triple kickflip and 720 gazelle flip, you have 30 seconds left to completely impress the audience. But... it's time to fist bump with the presenter, kiss any girl you like and send respect to your gang. Not the points will make you famous, but the real enjoyment of skateboarding.

Each ride should be outrageous, as this is one more reason to show your bodacious maniac style

We make the best skateboards and parts that are able to go down in history as the technologies that changed the world. After some 20 years, you will make Heady Shake Complete Skateboard not in the skate shops: boards with our prints will be a work of art, and you will find them in world art galleries; hardware you will find in jewelry shops; trucks and bearings - at military and space nanotechnology plants. Do you like that future? In truth, we do not know what the future will be, but we strive to have our products evaluated in this way. Several dozens of technologies are used in every skateboard. And you must be sure that you use only the latest innovations, which reflect all the modern world experience.

Modern skateboarding is the best premium innovations. This is a dogma. There is no other way.

Heady Shake is about the right thoughts, mood and attitude. Heady Shake is about the ideas and the emotions that we live in and that we need. Heady Shake is a weapon to achieve this.