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We do not use the ABEC rating. ABEC does not say about the quality of bearings for skateboarding, it is only about the accuracy of tolerances and standards. Our bearings are ideal for all types of skating (including roller skating), you can see this in practice. Looking for bearings for skateboarding? Forget about ABEC.
Despite the fact that we do not apply the ABEC system to our bearings, the accuracy of our bearings corresponds to the class ABEC 9.

Absolutely YES, because there is no rating ABEC 11. The highest rating scale of ABEC is 9, and if you see bearings somewhere with an ABEC class of 11, then this is a cheap fake.

Heady Shake Bearings have a bearing type number 608, this is a metric series and they meet all standards. Accordingly, our bearings have the following characteristics: Inner Diameter - 8 mm. Outer Diameter - 22 mm. Thickness - 7 mm

Yes, one set of our bearings will be enough for any skateboard or longboard. Each set consists of 8 bearings, for each wheel for a skateboard or longboard you need 2 bearings, so you get a complete set.
Please note that some roller skates have 8 wheels and use 2 bearings on each wheel, so you need 2 of our sets to completely change bearings.

Our bearings are suitable for all wheels for skateboard, longboard, cruisers, penny board, nickel. As these wheels use one type of bearings. Also, our bearings are suitable for most inline skates, scooters and quads, but not for all. You need to see what type of bearing is used in yours, if this is 608 type (this is an international number and the most common standard for such vehicles), then they will suit you.

If you need a short answer, then you need 2 sets. Since most varieties of these skates use 8 wheels, each wheel uses 2 bearings. But there are also types of wheels where only 1 bearing is installed in each wheel. Just inspect your device and you will find the answer yourself.

This is done in order to simplify the cleaning of the bearing balls. Also in these bearings special design is used to extend the life of bearings and we have no free space to install additional shield. And of course the great unusual look.

"Inside" the wheel, between both bearings, once they're in the wheel. The truck axle goes through one bearing, the spacer and the other bearing.

This will depend on what type of wheel you use. With a wheel for longboard, the spin time exceeds 3 minutes. And this significantly exceeds the results of many other top brands of bearings.

Unfortunately, no, this is a different type of bearings and this type is not water resistant.

The built-in bearings are oversized as spacers and speed washers are additionally built into them, this gives more stability at insane speeds.
However, be careful, because due to the increased size these bearings are not suitable for all devices, many types of scooters, electric boards, roller skates do not allow the use of such bearings, for these types of devices you need to choose our regular bearings.

We have conducted and are conducting many tests on special machines, as well as comparing bearings of different brands in action while riding in a skate park, at long distances, free-ride. We check bearings on all types of skateboards, longboards and roller blades.
Just facts. Our bearings spinning a longer than any top brand. The material of our bearings is stronger and more durable, they are Titanium plated. Our bearings are completely silent. Our bearings are manufactured using the latest technologies and requirements, we have used all the available experience from around the world, they are absolutely perfect for skateboarding.
We spent a lot of tests and comparisons with different manufacturers of bearings, and none of the brands showed better results than Heady Shake.
Today's result that Heady Shake bearings are the best bearings in the world! Think otherwise? We can PROVE to you our statement.